50 Spring Shoes Paired With 50 Pretty Polishes


In the colder months, we're stuck in boots or similarly closed-toe leather options. So spring ultimately becomes about freeing our toes, and this season's selections are awesomely bountiful. You can find anything from floral platforms to blue metallic stilettos — even canary yellow cage heels and holographic Jesus sandals. When we sat down to cull our favorites, we realized that as vibrant and beautiful as they all are, they do pose an added challenge when it comes to getting a pedicure. For instance, when you're wearing a heel with the color and sheen of perfect red nail polish, what goes on your nails?

To answer questions like that, we've rounded up 50 unusual pairings so you have no excuse for a boring sub-ankle season. In every color imaginable (vermillion, lavendar, coral, periwinkle, lime, etc.), there are tone-on-tone options, bold contrasts, and subtle complements or clever nods that highlight a shoe's best details. Click through our slideshow to find your own match, handily organized the way we all shop, anyway: With purpose, from lowest to highest heel height.