Cara Delevingne Lands Saint Laurent Campaign


Saint Laurent's fall 2013 campaign — which is not to be confused with the Saint Laurent Music Project, an ongoing series featuring rock stars like Courtney Love, Kim Gordon, and Marilyn Manson dressed in his designs — is out, and features ubiquitous model Cara Delevingne and DIIV front man Zachary Cole Smith. Shot in California, the images are set in front of windows looking out over the Pacific Ocean, with Cara and Zachary lounging sleepily on pillows covered in floral fabric. There's also an accompanying video set to a moody DIIV soundtrack.

The best part of Slimane's campaigns is seeing how he contextualizes his clothes with his camera lens. His grunge-inspired fall 2013 collection was controversial, even unpopular by some standards, but to see it appropriated into his California-centric world of unwashed hair and smudged post-nap eyeliner adds new dimension to the clothes. That star-patterned furry jacket, for example, may have been scoffed at by critics when it appeared on the runway, but it looks right at home on Cara as she turns away from the open window. It's easy to see why these clothes are being snapped up by buyers

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