Channel Rihanna With Sephora’s Tattoo Markers


For those who can't commit to a finger lion, Sephora's Tattoo Me! temporary ink stamps are one way to test the inky waters. There are three different shapes — an anchor, skull, and star, all created from a felt tip similar to those nostalgic Crayola stamp markers.

While the ink is safe enough to use on the face, we recommend taking the pen to your body with a little ink inspiration from your fave celebrity. Stamp a trail of stars in your ear or down the back of your neck, à la Rihanna, or channel ultimate cool girl Kate Moss with a delicate anchor on your wrist. But first, dust a light veil of translucent powder on clean skin for maximum staying power. If you go a little overboard or change your mind, it still comes off easily with a little spit water.