Fake the Bake With Twelve New Self-Tanners


You now have exactly seven days until Memorial Day weekend and the official start to sum-sum-summertime. If you live anywhere in the cold Northeast (or are smart and like to practice sun safety), then chances are your appendages are not ready to see the light of day. While makeup makes it easy to get your bronze on from the neck up, it's harder to fake a full-body tan unless you slather yourself in some DHA (the most common of tanning agents).

Previously, we've introduced you to the self-tanning body wash, the Kardashian tanning collection, and spray-tanned Gwyneth Paltrow abs. But there are still many more products out there, built to get you tan without having to actually bask in the sun. Click through the slideshow to see a range of self-tanners for face and body and every faux-tan need. Just don't forget to exfoliate before applying all self-tanners for streak-free, non-patchy tans.