Lindsay Lohan Sued for $5 Million by DNAM

Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

In the latest news of a company knocking a girl down when she's already down (in rehab, that is), clothing company DNAM is adding another lawsuit to Lindsay Lohan's decorated files, E! reports. The manufacturer of Lohan's 6126 leggings line, which Lohan sued in 2013 over licensing issues, responded with fury, and is now suing the actress for $5 million, claiming that Lohan's drink-and-drug-fueled antics tarnished sales. According to DNAM, starting from spring 2011 and onward, "no one would touch the line," and buyers specifically avoided purchasing the leggings "because they did not want to be associated with Lohan's drug addled image." Either that, or leggings just went out of style.