Lindsay Lohan Went to the Wrong Rehab

Photo: Instagram

Feeling a little queasy from the turbulent circus of half-shaved, half-naked Troubled Starlet Amanda Bynes? Return to the relatively calm waters of Lindsay Lohan’s life, where at least everything is exactly as you remembered it. Lohan is still in trouble with the law. She failed to tell L.A. city attorneys she had changed her mind about where she'll spend the 90 days in rehab, per her plea deal, which begin today. (The court-approved New York facility didn’t allow smoking; the Newport Beach one she's chosen instead offers patient outings to Disneyland (her former kingdom), but awaits a judge's approval.) She’s running late, as usual. Having only boarded a plane to Los Angeles late last night, her father says she may miss her 8:30 a.m. PST check-in deadline. But she still has the delusion/grace to see the humor in it all. "90 days and 270 looks," she joked on Instagram as she packed, surrounded by piles of clothes. TMZ still appears to be her most competent legal counsel.