Male Gaze: Clive Owen’s Manly Sideburns

Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

In today's Cannes Hot Men report, we found our eyes fixated on the stoic-looking gent waving alongside a beaming Marion Cotillard at the screening of Blood Ties. Then we realized he was Clive Owen, the British actor whose gruff, accented voice can melt hearts into mini-oceans. For his Cannes appearance, Owen exuded his innate manliness by somewhat taming his usually unruly sideburns and side-smirking (or smoldering) the whole day. We're looking forward to seeing him play a leather-clad, oily haired revenge murderer in his upcoming film. Watch the trailer below, if only to listen to him speak in that intoxicating low voice of his.