Male Gaze: Iggy Pop, the Godfather of Punk

Photo: Michel Linssen/Redferns/Getty Images

Maybe if Anna Wintour had been a punk in her time, both her and Iggy's social circles would've collided and "the godfather of punk" could have been Wintour's one-time lover. But unfortunately, this clearly did not happen (though we can never know for sure). In commemoration of the Met Gala tonight, we wanted to honor this punk legend — and his abs. The Stooges frontman always had a thing for performing sans shirt (even well into his 60s), showing off his leathery torso while swinging his sweat-drenched mane around as he pounded on his guitar. Sometimes, he'd even lose his pants. Watch Iggy and The Stooges performing live in the '70s, below, to brace yourself for fashion's punk scene that will be descending on the Met Gala's steps in less than an hour.