Male Gaze: We All Pine for Chris Pine

Photo: Joe Schildhorn/

The latest Star Trek hit theaters today, but before you head out to watch Chris Pine (a.k.a. Captain Kirk) do everything from leap off a cliff, wear a mock-neck, and hurtle through space in the action-packed movie, we suggest you watch Ellen try to make the leading blue-eyed, blonde-haired man cry. It turns out Pine is both single and sensitive. Things that have once made him shed a tear: Up, The Notebook, Warhorse, and "sad songs." He's also on the hunt for a woman with "intelligence, beauty, and a sense of humor." If you've fallen under the spell of his well-groomed beard, softie heart, and rumbling chuckle, you can now call yourself a "Pine Nut." That's what his groupies allegedly call themselves. (Also, he attends fashion shows! See photo above.)