Michelle Obama Has Retired Her Bangs


Today the first lady revealed a new look for her commencement speech at Bowie State University in Maryland: Side-swept bangs. Gone are the blunt midlife crisis bangs she debuted in February, leaving behind only a poofy, angled trace of the controversial fringe action. Michelle weathered the most difficult part of the bangs aftermath well — though she admitted they were "irritating," she never dealt with the clips and headbands mess many parents use on their kids to get them through the unflattering growing-out period.

But, why now? Is she over the look? Does she know that instead of providing shade, bangs are inviting sweat to cover a forehead during a D.C. summer? Is she looking for a new thing now that everyone, including her husband, is trying the trend? Or is she simply trying to send a message to the graduating class that everyone makes mistakes, but there's always time for a fresh start. Even if your mistake will be remembered for all time.