A New Tinted Cream That Helps Hair and Body


Aerin Lauder's latest addition to the summer collection of her eponymous beauty line is Beach Cream. The floral-scented, bronze-tinted cream is the perfect remedy for parched summer skin and hair. It'll save salt- and pool-water drenched follicles from getting too dehydrated while leaving a glow on complexions. 

Once rubbed onto the body, the cream adds an understated shimmer to those already blessed with a summer tan; those with fairer complexions will be left with a bit of warmth, just one shade up from your natural skin color. Meanwhile, on hair (even blondes!), the subtly tinted cream doesn’t leave behind a single trace of color. It delivers just the perfect amount of added shine.

Too often, leave-in conditioning products leave hair either too sticky or heavy, but this cream strikes the perfect balance — a dollop or two on damp hair restores its radiance and moisture, giving your follicles a soft and glossy finish. To activate the deep conditioning treatment, expose your hair to the sun’s warming rays (or your blow dryer), so the nutrients can penetrate the hair shaft better. The only gripe you'll have with this multipurpose cream is that it doesn't contain SPF, so be sure to slather on some sunscreen before going out into the sun.