A Pro Makeup Artist's Sensitive Skincare Routine

Photo: Mike Rosenthal

Editorial and celeb makeup artist Kayleen McAdams (clients include Jessica Biel, Sofia Vergara, Lily Collins) considers her skin to be the utmost of sensitive types. "I’m oily in my T-Zone and I have more oily skin, but the surface gets really dry; it’s been a long road for me to find the right things to use," she says of the product gauntlet she's been through. So it wasn't until a few years ago when her sister, actress Rachel McAdams, introduced her to L.A. facialist Mariana Chicet that she felt like there might be hope for her plagued complexion. Soon after meeting Chicet, who "treats from the inside out", McAdams found herself devoted to the chemical, petroleum and fragrance-free skincare line.

Her day and night routine stay exactly the same and she mainly sticks to Chicet's skin proscription. However, she does have some of her own discoveries, including an ultra-hydrating lip balm originally intendedfor nursing mothers' breasts.

Chicet PCA-Na Oat Protein Cleanser For Combination Skin ($12)
"There's some kind of oat or something in it that’s a bit of an exfoliator. I know a lot of women love them, but I never use a Clarisonic or even a washcloth. Anything like that, really, because it's too abrasive. So I just use a little bit of exfoliator, morning and night, and rinse it off with water."

Chicet Day & Night Revitalizing Concentrate ($35) And Sodium Hyaluronate ($30)
"The Day & Night is like a serum and Sodium Hyaluronate is like a collagen. I just mix them for convenience sake. They’re not creamy, they’re both gel-based. So I put that all over my face and my chest area."

Dr. Alan Rosenbach Hydrating Face Cream ($26)
"I had to go to the dermatologist, Alan Rosenbach, recently for a spot and he gave me this cream. I was very particular about not using anything too creamy. And he was like, 'this is something that we give to babies for eczema, it’s really mild and there’s no fragrance to it at all.' So I’ll put that on all over. I really like the finish to it."

Chicet Fresh Clay Mask ($18)
"If I’m getting a deep pimple, I’ll put this mask on to absorb the oils. Sometimes I’ll use the mask all over my face and sometimes I’ll just put it on a blemish overnight."

Chicet Gommage ($13)
"It's just in powdered form, oats and powdered milk and a couple of other things, and she’ll mix it up with water, and put it on your face. As it dries she’ll keep rubbing it with her fingers, and as it cracks it takes off the dry skin too. She says to use it every day, which I find hard for time, so I don’t always do it every day, but that’s what she recommends because it keeps the skin exfoliated and fresh. I do love it every time I do it, especially on my nose, it really seems so smooth afterwards."

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin ($8)
"On my lips, I’ll put on pure lanolin, which I get in the baby aisle in the drugstore. You know what women put on their nipples? I use that just on my lips. It also looks really pretty just on its own. It’s just really minimal and moisturizing, and I feel like my lips don’t get addicted to it, like a lot of the other ones that have petroleum."

Shiseido Extra Smooth Sun Protection Cream ($32) and Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral Powder ($30)
"I don’t like the ones that make my face white, so I try not to use sunscreen as much as possible. I try to stay out of the sun instead. But if I do use sunscreen I use these and layer the Peter Thomas Roth powder over the suncreen cream."