A Superb Body Balm for Summer

Photo: Courtesy photo

During the winter, those with dry skin should slather on the thickest, creamiest creams available. The more emollient the better. But come summer, we want none of that; no one wants to feel like they've added an extra layer of skin when it's hot out. Alchimie Forever, a family-owned skin-care company, has your summer body lotion solution: their new Dry Skin Balm.

Formulated by Dr. Luigi Polla, the patriarch and dermatologist in the family, the lightweight, mint-colored lotion includes a blend of ingredients that help with swelling (watercress), brown spots (willow), and hydration (shea butter, jojoba). The scent is subtly floral-fresh, like a field of just-cut grass. And it's megahydrating for elbows, knees, and hands but, unlike heavier creams, won't leave behind a sticky residue. The paraben- and phthalate-free cream is also safe enough for pregnant moms to use regularly to alleviate swelling.