Suzy Menkes Gets a Flashy Title Upgrade

Photo: JP Yim/Getty Images

Fashion critic and authority Suzy Menkes, who has reclined on her "fashion editor" throne at the International Herald Tribune since 1988, is still climbing the ropes. Following a name-change for IHT that's set to debut later this year, the journalist who has roasted everyone from designers to the "fashion circus" is also receiving an upgrade. Her brand-new title, WWD reports, is "international fashion editor of the International New York Times."

According to the IHT, the new site will be accessible across print, mobile, and web platforms and edited with a global audience in mind. Menkes added, "I can see tremendous shifts towards the digitized world, and am delighted that we will be providing richer content in video and graphics, as well as in words, to a broader audience of readers." It'll only be a matter of time before Menkes's pompadour gets a Twitter account of its own.