Try This Excellent Multipurpose Hair Smoother

Photo: Courtesy photo

Frizzy, tousled hair is perfectly fine when you're on vacation because you're on vacation. But most of us aren't sitting pool- or beach-side regularly, and we prefer our hair sleek and smooth, even when forecasters call for 100 percent humidity. Enter Kerastase's Resistance Fibre Architecte, a hair serum that treats and smooths damaged, dry hair by "sealing" and refining roughed-up parts of the follicles. So it's great as an everyday way to protect hair against heat-styling but can also be used to address almost any styling need.

Hairstylist Marcus Francis, who tends the hair of Evan Rachel Woods, Jessica Paré, and Kerry Washington, considers the Fibre Architecte one of his go-to products. "It can be used on damp hair to help protect and strengthen before blow drying and styling, as well as help boost hair for root volume," he says of the non-greasy, catch-all of hair products. "It also can be used on dry hair to make your ends look and feel finished, adding a natural shine to the hair, and helps bring out the texture in a cut or style."