Ad Age Notes Which ‘Women to Watch’ Wear Pants

Photo: Ad Age

Ad Age’s annual "Women to Watch" list comes with a key to help you quickly identify which of the women honored (a) have a child, (b) own a fish, (c) have a dog, (d) have traveled the world, (e) have worked for an agency, or (f) often wear pants. Needless to say, listicles of male CEOs don't usually consider a daddy badge relevant. But pants? (Or are those jeans?) I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to glean from that information. Does it denote her dedication to casual Fridays? Is it a metaphor for her marital dynamic? Does the advertising industry secretly adhere to unspoken dress code of the Mormon church? It's nothing against the nominees, who include Lucky editor turned Target exec Gigi Guerra (improbably, she did not get a pants badge). Read about her and other radical, trouser-wearing broads at Ad Age.