Behold: Cindy Crawford's First ‘Cover’ Shot

Photo: CindyCrawford/

Last night, Cindy Crawford decided to use the all-reaching vortex of Twitter to delight the Internet with the single photograph that launched her modeling career: a black-and-white shot of her lounging in a striped bikini printed on the front page of her hometown paper, the DeKalb Nite WEEKLY. She tweeted, "My very first 'cover' during high school in DeKalb, shot in my high school boyfriend's backyard..." Then, "...Believe me when I say I had absolutely no idea where that photo would lead to!" But the most surprising aspect about the photo is the date: November 3, 1982. What in the world was Crawford doing laying out in a bathing suit in DeKalb, Illinois at that time of year (parka season in Illinois begins in October), and how was she not an icicle? Either her modeling skills were already on point, or she just wanted to show off her bikini bod to "DeKalb, Sycamore, & NIU readers" just before Thanksgiving. And now, to the entire universe.