Coachella Made Chloë Sevigny Hate Denim Cutoffs


There comes a time in life when even the most fun-loving fashion enthusiast can’t help but wonder: “Are these too short?” For Chloë Sevigny, that time was Coachella, 2013. “I’m struggling with [whether] I can still pull off things that I used to, you know, now that I’m approaching 40,” said the actress at a dinner party held by Barneys CEO Mark Lee to celebrate Proenza Schouler’s first collection reissue. “You know, like, maybe it’s time to put away the cutoff jeans and things like that. I’m kind of in that window where I’m not sure if I can still dress like I used to, if I should be dressing more like a lady. I don’t know. When do you let go of your childish ways, as far as fashion is concerned? I’m not sure. I see older women dressing like kids and I’m like, do I look like that? I don’t know.” Sevigny went on to say it was cutoff jean shorts that really got her thinking. “I was at Coachella this year and I kept calling them ‘denim underwear,’ because all the girls wear the denim underwear and it’s, like, a little obscene!” Sevigny dissolved into laughter. “I don’t want to say that, but you know, sometimes I think that they’re just too short. And now I’m turning into that person that I’m like, your shorts are too short!” So what will come of Chloë’s cutoff collection? “They’re kind of in reserve right now,” she said. “They’re just away for the moment.”