Duchess Kate Is the U.K.’s Top Beauty Icon


After Kate Middleton cloaked her royal baby bump in an A-line, polka-dotted dress to cast spells with her prince at Hogwarts, her $76 frock sold out in hours. While the duchess has garnered a devout fashion-related following since wedding Will (as evinced by her outfits crashing sites and selling out), it also turns out that she's a beauty icon. And not just for her hair.

According to a study by Feel Unique, 3o percent of women in the United Kingdom would use beauty products worn by the rosy-cheeked, brunette princess. KMidd came in at the top of the study, narrowly beating out supermodel Kate Moss and fashion designer Victoria Beckham, who recently shared that she doesn't put on her makeup in front of her daughter. Feel Unique's general manager even coined a term, the "Kate Effect," to reference the obvious increase of beauty sales surrounding Duchess Kate–approved goods. "Two years ago, blond shades were more than twice as popular as brunette tones," she explained. "Immediately after the Royal Wedding we experienced a surge in brown shades and, in particular, Kate's signature natural dark brown color." Her royal influence has successfully eclipsed star power — "Duchess" is the new supermodel and Spice Girl.