Enjoy the Smell of Old Books and Black Pepper?

Photo: Courtesy photo

Imagine yourself nestled in a quaint cabin in the woods, reading dusty books by a cozy fire, where just after it's rained you might poke your head outside and get a whiff of damp trees mixed in with chimney smoke. That smell is 10 Roam, the newest unisex scent from Odin. Inspired by the scent of "shaded sands and wet forest," it includes notes of ebony wood, pepper leaf, incense resin, and bittersweet saffron. Though it never occurred to me that sand had a scent, I guess I've never smelled the "shaded" kind (only the blazingly hot beach variety).

But it's not as overwhelming and heady. You can also think of the Amazon in Brazil, which is the scent's actual forest inspiration. That's where the notes of coffee flower, ginger lily, and coconut milk come into play. It's what cuts the fragrance and keeps it from seeming too heavy, too wintery. In fact, consider it the scent version of your lightweight knit to your wool pull-over.