Georgia May Jagger Worries About Her Tooth Gap


The British model and child of Mick is beloved for her lush lips and quirky tooth gap. In 2008, in regard to her assets, she proclaimed to the Daily Mail, "'I wouldn't even have braces on my teeth ... I like the fact that I have good old-fashioned British teeth with a big gap. Who wants those gleaming white cosmetically enhanced American teeth?" But now, it appears some insecurities are popping up. She's slightly concerned that her gap-tooth is going to make her less chic as she ages. "I still worry I'm going to look weird as I get older. I'll be a weird old woman with scary teeth," she told The Edit. We say: These are empty worries for a 21-year-old. She has choices. She can either join the ranks of gap-toothed beauties like Vanessa Paradis, or take Her Madgesty's route and close up her little gap whenever she wishes.