The Lady Gaga Look Book

Known as much for her crazy costumes as she is for her music, Lady Gaga's sartorial choices define her image. From hair bows made out of hair and a Cruella DeVille dye job to a muppet suit and a meat dress, the pop star tries to cross lines and ruffle feathers with each new fashion statement. While even her daywear tends to be unconventional, Gaga does choose pieces from popular designers like Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, and Versace, but puts her own extreme spin on it. Whether she's trying to send a political message — which she often does through Twitter account, sharing her feelings about the Defense Against Marriage Act again today — or just going for shock value, the "Born This Way" singer's wardrobe choices are never boring, even in her most dressed-down state. See the star's ever-evolving style, from her best airport looks to performance outfits in our look book.