A Shaving Cream for Truly Sensitive Skin

Photo: Courtesy photo

Since the rise of hemlines began in the early 19th century, many women have been de-fuzzing their legs. Nowadays, there's a slew of products (usually an entire drug store aisle full) devoted to ensuring the smoothest, closest shave. However, somewhere along the timeline of women shaving their legs, someone, or perhaps many women all at once, ran out of, or forgot to bring, their shaving cream of choice on a trip, and next thing you know, everyone's using hair conditioner as its replacement. While conditioners provide the slip necessary for a nick-proof shave, they don't leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized, not to mention that they can sometimes be gooey and gunk up your fancy, tri-level razor. Not problems you will face with the super-affordable (less than $4!) EOS Ultra Moisturizing Sensitive Skin Shave cream.

Other charming qualities: The white, nondescript bottle is made from plastic with a matte, rubberized finish, which means zero rust rings on your shower ledge, and it's completely slip-proof. While hair conditioners provide that viscosity you need for a smooth shave, EOS's formula truly feels like a lightweight cream on the skin, provides a smoother, razor bump-free shave, while also adding moisture back into the skin through vitamin E and shea butter. It's loaded with skin soothers like oat and aloe extract to protect the most sensitive skin, plus it's completely fragrance-free.