Intern Who Sued Norma Kamali Got a Settlement

Erica van Rabenswaay.

In May, 24-year-old Erica van Rabenswaay sued her former boss, fashion designer Norma Kamali, for violating federal labor laws by employing her without pay for three months in 2012. Now the case has been settled, according to Van Rabenswaay's lawyer, Maurice Pianko. "It was a very fair settlement and also quick. Norma Kamali did the right thing," he told us this morning via email. He isn't permitted to provide further details, as the monetary arrangement is confidential. However, he views the case as a major win for unpaid employees as well as those fighting to uphold the Fair Labor Standards Act. Congrats to him and Erica, and to Kamali for remedying the situation; hopefully employers will be more wary of these scenarios in the future.