Jay-Z Really Loves His Theory Button-Up

Photo: Getty Images, Bey_Exclusive/Twitter.com, Getty Images

We've noticed that Jay-Z has been wearing the same crisp, short-sleeved white button-up a lot lately: while filming the video for “Picasso Baby,” at a performance during the Yahoo! Wireless Festival, and again last night at Beyoncé’s concert in Houston. That's three times in a week. Given that he loves Tom Ford, it's refreshing to see the wealthy rapper in an affordable wardrobe staple. Plus the simple white cotton of Theory’s "Feynold S. Wealth" shirt, provides the perfect non-distracting backdrop for Jay's enormous gold chains. Lest you think he’s actually wearing the same white shirt for a week straight in the summer, we’re willing to wager that Jay has a fresh Feynold S. Wealth shirt for every day of the week. Maybe he's adopting Yeezy's "minimalist in a rapper's body" uniform.

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