Rita Ora Now a Fan of Straw Visors

Singer Rita Ora pictured leaving a studio in West London in the early hours. Rita was wearing a mix of Armani and topshop this morning. Photo: Splash News

Yesterday in London, the singer and wifey of Cara Delevingne was spotted leaving Sarm Studios. Though she spent the majority of her day locked up indoors recording a few tracks, the entertainer still churned out an impressionable look, wearing a metallic jacket and high-waisted trousers ensemble by Armani (of course, with the jacket unbuttoned) with a black crop top peeking out from underneath. She also draped herself in chunky gold chains and painted her claws and lips a bright crimson. But her most glaring accessory? The black straw visor that she would not remove from her head. Even when the sun was down.