Sixteen Excellent ‘Undercut’ Hairstyles


The undercut, also known as a partially shaved head, allows you the best of two worlds. With a center part and your hair down and loose, this style can be the wearer's little secret. But flip a section over to reveal your buzzed scalp, and suddenly you're channeling a tough, punk vibe. It gives a safe, everyday look an instantaneously rebellious, lady danger effect. Skater boys of the nineties pioneered the look, but glamourous pop stars like Cassie and Rihanna made it something we might adopt. The versatile style can also be faked with braids or shellacked with gel, but don't confuse the undercut with a cropped, buzzy ’do like Miley's or Tilda's, because unlike those two, the undercut is all about not having to commit to a radical look. Click through the slideshow to see some of the best examples from the ladies of the red carpet (plus one guy).

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