Can’t Afford Mink? This Fur Company Wants You to Wear Their Perfume

Photo: Photos: iStockphoto

The brand Blackgama takes pride in their dark mink coats. In the late sixties, Barbara Streisand, Lauren Bacall, and Judy Garland were all featured wearing various versions of this outerwear in the company's ad campaigns (photographed by Richard Avedon). Both then and now, of course, not everyone can order up a piece of Blackglama without emptying their bank account. So, a solution: According to WWD, the brand plans to be less exclusive this fall with the launch of slightly more affordable fragrances (each priced at $128). With names like Mythic, Addiction, Iconic, and Epic, the four scents promise to smell more perfume-y (floral, chypre, fruity, leather) than furry.