Win a Missoni Beach Towel (Man Not Included)


Everyone has a beloved but well-worn beach towel. You know the one: Your companion since spring breaks of yore, its battle scars (i.e. sunscreen blots, bleach stains) and maddening dimensions (too short at either end to fully lay out) endearing, but more annoying, than the nostalgia they’re worth. Each year, you promise you’ll invest in a better one but 365 days later — usually minutes before you’re beach-bound — there you are facing each other … yet again.

Lucky for you we’ve partnered with MissoniHome, the home furnishings line of the iconic fashion label, to pair you with the designer beach towel that heretofore existed only on your wishlist (otherwise $240 a pop). To enter the "Life's a Beach ... Get a Towel" sweepstakes, "like" our Facebook page and you could win a Missoni towel. We're giving away two towels per day from July 9-11. 

And in celebration of beach hunks past and present — for our collective viewing pleasure — click to gaze at a few guys with whom we wouldn’t mind sharing our towels. So, who from our slideshow would you like to have your From Here to Eternity moment with? Click through to the slideshow, then vote in our Facebook poll!