Zoom Shot: Frosty Lips at Dior Couture Show


Last season at the Dior couture show, Pat McGrath encrusted models' mouths with vibrant-colored crystals. It was megawatt, Vegas-style pizzazz but somehow refined and not vulgar looking at all. For this year's collection, while McGrath still embraced a sparkly effect, the shimmer — in shades of pink, berry, and bronze — was a bit more subdued. They have the essence of a metallic frosted lip look from the nineties but with a touch of contained elegance. To achieve these lips at home, it'll take more than just a swipe of metallic lipstick. If you have some diamond dust laying about, dab that on or perhaps kiss a fairy. Worst comes to worst, you can always just dab on some ultrafine metallic eyeshadow or glitter over the top.