Another Airplane Adds Child-Free Section

Baby girl playing with a toy in an airplane Photo: Kevin RL Hanson/Corbis

Another Asian airline has introduced child-free cabins to their airplanes, Time reports. Singapore-based Scoot Airlines has added a "ScootinSilence" area, where a $14 upgrade buys "exclusivity and privacy" because "under 12's will be someplace else." Quiet car, or ageism? Anti-mommy segregation? What about the adorable babies in pictures everyone uses to illustrate these stories? Not them, too, right?

As for American airlines banishing eensy-weensy cutie-poos who scream like hell during takeoff, Time points to an analysis from Consumer Traveler guessing that American carriers will be slow to pick up the trend owing to fear of parent protest, fear of annoying seating charts, and the fact that our 12-plus age group tends to be the rowdiest, anyway.