Cara Delevingne’s Brows Endangering Tweezers


It seems everyone is clamoring to emulate Cara Delevingne's perfect bushy brows — even Michelle Williams went with a bold eyebrow in her gorgeous Louis Vuitton ads, which means a tweezer boycott is nigh. Who wants to pluck and wax when going natural is both painless and en vogue? According to Google, nobody. Since November 2012, searches for "fuller eyebrows," "Cara Delevingne," and "statement brow" have gone up, while terms like "eyebrow plucking" have dropped, reports the Daily Mail. Plus, products like hair-growth serum "Grow Baby Grow" and brow pencils have increased their sales. The tweezer industry might silently curse Delevingne, but Biotin and Latisse are probably going to reap the benefits. Other Google beauty trends that will endure this season include red lipstick and nail art.