Celebrity Amazon Wish Lists: Inevitable?

Photo: Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

Celebrity gift registries and wish lists, once the stuff of parody, have made a bold leap to the quasi-mainstream in the hands of Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, who recently tweeted a plea for fans to buy items off her Amazon wish list. Amazon lists are not unheard of in the porn and sex industries, so it's not exactly surprising that Farrah would adopt the practice. Nor is it surprising that Farrah's list ranges from outlandishly sexy (sexy French-maid costume, $40) to gleefully spendy (Sherri Hill dress, $900) to child-focused (Disney Princess Singin' in the Bath Ariel doll, $24.99, "for my little one").

It is, however, a sign of the times. Farrah Abraham's Amazon wish list exists at the juncture of celebrity "gifting" practices and the simultaneous democratization and pornification of fame. Every time Farrah Abraham seems to have exhausted all fame-exploiting resources, she somehow comes up with more! It's impressive, really.