A Chic Sweatshirt for People Who Like Science


Most mornings, I have to fight the impulse to indulge my inner college student. Instead of rolling out of bed, skipping the shower, and throwing on the least-pajama-looking pajama ensemble I have, I look for outfits that feel like sweats, but are still office appropriate. So the saturation of the "fashion sweatshirt" trend is totally up my alley. It's a fine line between casual and full Zuckerberg, yet my collection of old college hoodies really doesn't do the trick. Which is why I absolutely need this fall 2013 Christopher Kane Brain Graphic sweatshirt: It's comfortable enough that I want to live in it, but still an edgy substitute to a cardigan for the upcoming fall transition. The accurate rendering of the human brain quenches my inner science geek, without making me look like a sloppy co-ed skulking in the library.

Christopher Kane Brain Graphic Sweatshirt,  $465, Nordstrom.