Fourteen Gold Pendants You Can Wear Every Day


When I was an editor at a monthly fashion magazine, it was normal to hear a prominent stylist asking for "personal jewelry" for his editorial shoots. The phrase has since stuck with me. "Personal" meant gold pendants, lockets, a tiny cross, teeny-tiny diamonds — basically the kind of jewelry that looked like it already belonged to the models and it was something they just wore all the time, to bed, in the shower, etc. A gold pendant is never really an of-the-moment statement piece, which makes it even more cool and more interesting, and innately more wearable. Whether it's a little gemstone pendant received as a graduation gift, a filigreed family coat-of-arms charm, or a cheeky mini-statement necklace (or even a nod back to those nameplate necklaces from Sex in the City), all can offer sentimental worth and a bit of gleam to an outfit. Layered or on their own, they actually, as fashion people like to say, "go with anything." To get in the spirit of “personal jewelry,” click through to browse fourteen gold pendants.