Hello Kitty Sunglasses Grown-ups Can Wear


When given the choice between Hello Kitty and Barbie, my 7-year-old self would reach for the Japanese cat automatically. Kitty's extensive wardrobe rivaled that of the blonde doll, plus she had an awesome rabbit sidekick named My Melody. As an adult, it's hard to justify owning a stuffed toy or any trinket featuring her likeness. But the cool kids behind Super eyewear collaborated with Sanrio on a pair of cat-eye sunglasses that give a subtle nod to the beloved character of my youth. From afar, the print blurs into a colorful and abstract work of modern art, but up close, you'll see her face peeking out at various places on the frames. Consider it a grown-up version of those nerdy-yet-cute faux glasses that are better saved for Halloween costumes.

Super x Hello Kitty sunglasses, $280.30 at Colette