Is ‘Human Carpet’ the Best Fetish Ever?

Photo: iStockphoto

I know it’s not a contest, but “human carpet” must be among the most convenient fetishes in existence. It's discreet, unobtrusive, monetizable — there's even some glory in it. Meet Georgio, the Connecticut massage therapist whose thing is rolling himself up in a rug and having people walk all over him. A Maltese immigrant, he knows two other men who share his predilection. But it is Georgio, 52, who holds the known record for “most women standing on a man rolled up in a carpet.” According to the Daily Mail, the human carpet is “somewhat of a celebrity” — although his fetish conveniently disguises his appearance — and he charges up to $200 for appearances (or is it performances?) at clubs. He was once walked on by Lady Gaga.