Lady Gaga’s Clown Face Makes Its Video Debut


Lady Gaga has released the lyric video for her new single "Applause" (not to be confused with the song's music video, which is forthcoming) on YouTube. This also marks the official video debut of her new clown face. The scene: a drag show, complete with a creepy Peter Pan costume and a man in the audience who, for a split second, looks like Prabal Gurung (sadly, it's not him — see for yourself, 37 seconds in). Gaga dances around and slurps shots and blows kisses, which are all fun things you can't do when you have pearls glued near your lips or a crazy veil over your mouth. See, even though her paint-y makeover seems high-maintenance, it's actually her least-complicated look in a long time! Also fun: Gaga's drag-queen doppelgänger, whose clown makeup is far more extreme — full-on Bubbles compared to Gaga's arty Pierrot.