A Look Back at Ashton Kutcher’s Many Hairstyles


It's a hard truth that Ashton Kutcher is a fox. From his early modeling days and red-carpet appearances to his oddly mesmerizing Nikon commercials, Kutcher's chiseled jaw and steamy gaze have been the stuff of teen bedroom posters and glorious daydreams since the late-nineties. But while that face hasn't changed much over the years, the actor's hair has been styled in enough ways to make even Rihanna jealous. The former Punk'd star has tried the surfer-dude ’do, the J.Crew clean cut, the Farrah Fawcett blowout, and various other styles that have changed his look, but somehow never changed his level of foxiness. So take a peek back at the many hairstyles of Ashton Kutcher, from the That ’70s Show era to the present.

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