The Rare Luxe Bag That Doesn’t Cost Over $1000


Finding a luxury handbag for under $1,000 is always a goal of mine. The offerings tend to feel a little too "inspired" by the runways or have one massive design element that keeps them from being good. The last time I purchased a bag, I skipped the less expensive one in favor of saving for something I considered timeless. Years later, I'm still using that tote, but when I came across this one by Building Block, it made me reconsider my purse-buying strategy. Created by two sisters, Kimberly and Nancy Wu, the minimalist bag combines industrial design with luxurious materials for a sleek, logo-less design. Rubber handles make it easy to grip the tote, while a cross-body strap is handy when my forearms get sore. But the best part are the little finishing touches, like the menswear-inspired tassel and the gleaming brass hardware closure, adding to the feeling that you should really be paying a lot more for something this well made.

Building Block black business bag, $595 at Myth and Symbol.