Male Gaze: Ben Affleck Is One Hot Hero

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

It's always a treat when a handsome, charming, straight-up sexy man is also wicked smart. An Oscar winner with a killer smile, warm, deep-brown eyes, and a possible political career in his future, Ben Affleck is the full package. Today we know him as a doting dad and husband — the kind who takes his kids to school, brings flowers home to his wife, and hangs with pals like Matt Damon on the weekends — but soon enough we'll know him as the spandex-wearing, ass-kicking Dark Knight. Critics might be dubious, but here's hoping Affleck brings some of his own soulfulness and five-o'clock-shadow scruffiness to Batman, and maybe even some of his former bad-boy persona — this is, after all, the man who was engaged to J.Lo. Plus, we can't wait to hear him try to top Christian Bale's husky Batman voice.