Meet the Woman Who Creates ‘Taxidermy Footwear’

Photo: Courtesy photo

If the terms "footwear" and "dead, preserved animals" pique your interest, the latest piece by Bedford + Bowery's Laura Entis will be right up your alley. Entis profiles Divya Anantharaman, a self-proclaimed "taxidermy addict," fashion designer, and footwear designer, who somehow managed to merge her interests to create an open-toe, six-inch heel covered in silver scales, quartz crystals, and sparrows. According to Anantharman, the $2,500 to $3,000 shoes will also "smell like natural cedar perfume," as the insoles will be infused with fragrant oil. Perhaps to mask any lingering scent? In any case, we're guessing these shoes already triggered Lady Gaga's bat signal.