Naomi Campbell and Her Ex Had a Standoff at a Club


Notable exes Naomi Campbell and Russian billionaire Vladimir Doronin both got tables at the same club in Ibiza on Sunday night, where they participated in a battle of silence (well, as silent as it can be when Avicii is spinning). According to the Post's source, "The atmosphere was icy. They didn’t speak even though they were at a table right next to one another." Well, that's awkward. But it would have been even more so if they'd tried to converse by yelling in each other's faces over the music, as one must do in such settings.

But here's the legitimately weird part: Campbell did "turn around and wave at the godchildren," who were sitting at Doronin's table with his daughter. Why her godchildren were sitting with him is unknown — after all, he was the one photographed making out with AND getting straddled by Campbell's "protégée" Luo Zilin just a few months after their breakup — unless he's the reason she became their godmother in the first place. Who knows? (TRAITORS.) Anyway, she's about to return to New York to shoot the next season of The Face! Does that mean she'll make another drama-laden cameo at Fashion Week this September?