A Perfect All-Natural Hair Oil That Smells Great

Photo: Courtesy of Aesop

Summer is no friend to hair. Too much sweat and sun make for faded-out frizz that can only be masked by a lazy bun and a pair of sunglasses. But with fall, and Fashion Week, upon us, it's time to quickly undo some of that damage. As luck (or great planning) would have it, today cult beauty brand Aesop releases its latest product, Shine. This silicone-free blend of emollient oils — including sweet almond and jojoba —  is a potent mixture that smooths rough ends, ends flyaways, and tames those annoying little baby hairs that stick straight up after flat-ironing. By some miracle, there is no greasy buildup or residue. Work a few drops of the delicious-smelling blend of petitgrain and ylang ylang (with a tolerable touch of patchouli) through wet or dry hair. Then sit back, relax, and let Vitamin F do the rest.

Aesop Shine lightweight hydrating oil, $35 at Aesop.