Pippa Is Unrecognizable in the New Vanity Fair


Pippa's latest Vanity Fair column is all about cricket. Never mind that Americans barely know what that is; just remember that it involves hot men and inspired the Chanel resort 2014 collection. Speaking of hotties, Pippa used to date a cute cricket player named Alex Loudon, and she even jokes about it, referring to herself as "a former member of the cricket WAGs." Haters, give the girl some credit for the self-deprecating ex reference.

The accompanying shoot would've been a great time to incorporate Chanel's cricket trappings, but remember that Karl Lagerfeld said rather unflattering things about Pippa, so perhaps that's why the magazine went with Boy by Band of Outsiders instead. Either way, something about the styling — maybe it's the lipstick, or the hair, or the camera angles — renders Pippa almost unrecognizable. She resembles Keira Knightley more than herself. Maybe what Pippa needs right now isn't another book deal so much as a good old-fashioned makeover. A pixie cut? Blonde highlights? Once the baby news dies down she'll get her moment.