Rodarte’s Latest Film Collaboration Is Fantastic

Photo: Courtesy of Rodarte

Laura and Kate Mulleavy always find inspiration in the coolest, slightly gothy places. When asked for the list of fantastical films that inspired the short movie for their spring-summer 2013 collection, the sisters behind Rodarte list: The Dark Crystal, Lord of the Rings, E.T., The Princess Bride, and The Never Ending Story, among others. And indeed, This Must Only Be Fantasy, their third collaboration with director Todd Cole and first partnership with the Creator's Project, is a dreamy, weird, high-fashion mash-up of all of those fantastic classics and an ode to the myths and medieval-era flourishes that inspired the clothes from the SS13 show. Set to a score by Beach House, modern-day Los Angeles turns into a mystical, Dungeons & Dragons–esque wonderland as Lora, played by newcomer Sidney Williams, aided by a model fairy (actual model Guinevere Van Seenus), frees Elijah Wood from a video-game throne. So weird and beautiful. Check out the video below: