Self-Catfishing to Fake an Instagram Girlfriend


When it comes to faking relationships on the Internet, Instagram, the most visual of all the social platforms, has proved challenging. How do you forge a romantic partner if you don't have anybody else around to pretend with you? Japanese photographer Keisuki Jinushi has us covered with these easy steps to faking an Instagram-worthy date. First, to make his hand appear more ladylike, Jinushi coated his dominant hand with pancake makeup, painted the nails pink, and put a scrunchie on his wrist. Voilà! A hand feminine enough to trick your followers. Next Jinushi took a bunch of selfies while using his hand to mimic the tender affections of an actual girlfriend — "she" feeds him, squeezes his face, and wipes some ketchup off his lips. And if at some point you need to end your own Catfish relationship, Instagram your breakup by popping that selfie at the exact moment you slap yourself across the face.