Sheryl Sandberg Built Herself a Waterfall

Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Facebook COO and Lean In author Sheryl Sandberg and her family have moved into a new home she had built in Menlo Park, California, the Daily Mail reports. The British tabloid is eager to point out that the six-bedroom home shares its grass-covered “living roof” design with Facebook’s Frank Gehry–designed office (subtext: Sandberg’s a workaholic), but those things are supposed to be environmentally friendly, so I say the more the merrier. The modern, concrete-and-glass home reportedly stands out in the traditional, leafy neighborhood, but provides discreet cover for what sounds like a pretty spectacular interior. “The basement has a falling waterfall feature in a sunken patio with a light well,” the Mail reports. “Water falls down the top of the wall into a pool.” I'm intrigued by this. More intrigued by almost anything else I've read about Sandberg. Which makes me think we ought to talk more about the spoils of leaning in. I might have been a little more interested in Sandberg's heroic ambition right off the bat if I had known it was in the service of building a solar-powered dream house with a screw-the-neighbors aesthetic and an indoor waterfall. A Menlo Park building official interviewed for the story didn’t even know you could have a waterfall inside a residential property. And, if one little waterfall sounds excessive, keep in mind that at Celine Dion’s Jupiter Island, Florida, compound, which she just put on the market for $72.5 M, there is a hot tub, 400 feet of ocean, and three pools, featuring a water park with a lazy river, two slides, and water-gun stations.

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