Study: People Who Have More Sex Make More Money

16 Feb 1959 --- 1950s happy man with exaggerated smile holding fan of money looking at camera --- Image by ? ClassicStock/Corbis Photo: ClassicStock/Corbis

A recent study by the German Institute for the Study of Labor reveals that people who have sex four or more times a week outearn their less sexually active co-workers by 5 percent. Though it seems unfair, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise. People who have more frequent sex also tend to be happier, healthier, more sociable, outgoing, and energetic — all traits associated with success in the workplace.

Nick Drydakis, the study’s author, compares his findings to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the theory whereby humans must have their basic needs met (food, water, sex) before they can succeed anywhere else. It’s pretty intuitive and seems in line with Drydakis’s discovery that people who weren’t having sex at all made 3.2 percent less than employees who do have sex.

Of course, the nature of this association is tricky to pin down. It’s not entirely clear whether having more sex means you’ll do better at work, or just that earning more money makes it easier to get laid. Drydakis points out that people who are gainfully employed have more money to go on more dates — not to mention they’re often more desirable on the dating market (higher thread counts, etc.). Also, rich people can buy more gifts. Seriously: “Higher wages may increase purchase of gifts that are thanked for via sex,” Drydakis told CBS.