Surprise: Victoria Beckham Actually Smiles

Photo: Stuart Wilson/Getty Images

The latest profile of designer–mother–Spice Girl Victoria Beckham in T catches the "working mum" expertly multitasking at her rental home in London. Throughout the piece, she juggles simultaneously taking care of Harper, conversing with the interviewer, eating lunch, and posing for a photo shoot. She shares the obligatory amount about the Beckham clan being "normal" and the aspirations she has for her line. But the best bit of dialogue that Posh Spice utters is in response to questions about her perma-scowl. "I dunno, I smile in family pictures,” she said. "When you’re in a position to be paparazzi-ed just walking down the street, you’d look a little daft if you were smiling all the time.” She's got a point.

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